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Bodegas Valdepuga works with two great vineyards, 3.5 and 1.5 hectares, located in places of Reboreda and Padin, in the parish of Puga, town of Ourense (Orense). Most of the plots are planted with treixadura variety, although 20% of farms have other noble and native varieties like albariño, godello and loureiro. Although most of the work in the vineyard is taken by José Puga, he's always surrounded by technical experts who will guide him in the care of the vines.

Located in an area of mild Atlantic climate with continental influence, Valdepuga vineyards are in the very cradle of Ribeiro. In fact, the first strains of the history of this denomination of origin were planted in this place, facing west. This location gives the vines the greatest number of hours of light and protects them from winter frosts. Their care is extreme. The vineyard is subject to a plantation frame of 1.20 x 2.50 m, grown on a trellis with a guyot driving. The soil's character where the vines grow is sandy and granitic.

The place is located very close to the Miño River, the largest channel of Galicia, which has rich flora and fauna, nurturing its path kilometers of land and creating a unique ecosystem. The Miño river was always surrounded by legends. It's told in the villages that when the Romans came to the Peninsula thought the river Minho was haunted. They believed that behind it, hidden in the fog, was the end of the Earth (finis terrae), a huge cliff that would send to vacuum.

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